Call it Serendipity

Right at this moment in the here and now I feel happy.  I try to think mindfully, am better on some days than others, but this minute, this now, feels good. 

My plan was to meet a girlfriend for coffee today.  This happened and was lovely, we then moved to our local bar which has a courtyard garden, another friend turned up, then another and another.  We’d planned to meet but not together if that makes sense, call it Serendipity!

For the first time in ages just for a couple of hours I shoved the RA to one side quite ruthlessly, ignored the ever constant pain and refused to give it power.  We had drinks (soft ones for me),  lunch and some very silly conversation in the sunshine. 

And omg it did my soul good.  I haven’t laughed so much in ages, or talked about such nonsense, and it was so much fun that just for a while a weight was lifted. 

Of course I am now exhausted, my back, hip, hands and left foot are throbbing and aching and my shoulder is stiffening up.  I have had to lay down and will likely not move again today.  Today a shower and some excellent conversation have taken my spoons. 

But just for a while I felt alive in the sunshine, my heart was happy and free of worry and pain, and that’s the best medicine there is. Just for a while, FURA.


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