All change…. & cats!

Sometimes fatigue hits me hard for a few days, this last weekend has been one of them.  I’ve slept like it’s going out of fashion since Friday, guessing it’s finally passing as I’m writing this at 5am! Feeling tired but not sleepy, but I think the exhaustion has burnt itself out for a few days, for which I’m grateful.

Annoyingly this particular blip hit half way through RA blog week, so I only completed four out of seven nominated blogs.  I may pick up on a couple of the other titles soon, as I still have ideas in my head ☺

However some great news has cheered me up today, so I am hoping my energy continues for a few days. I finally had the call I’ve been waiting for, I have an official move in date of 1st October, my bungalow is ready!!  Trying to get excited about this was hard today, it felt like I was trying to push the world uphill, but this (early) morning I’m planning and smiling, I’m really looking forward to being in my own home again, and best of all getting my beautiful cats back home with me.

If you’d have told me in June I’d be in this B&B for the homeless until October I’d probably have broken down.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m hugely grateful for the support from my local authority, they have been amazing.  But it’s been a very long summer!

Still, I made it.  I’m very much focused on the next couple of weeks now, turning this new place into a home for me and my cats.  It’s the little things I’ve missed, having my own cooking stuff around me, using the dvr, just having my own clothes & books around me.  Ohh and my bed! I cannot wait to get back into a decent bed ☺

I’ll take it one day at a time, I have this weekend before my stuff arrives out of storage on Monday to get a feel for the space and what will go where, and I’m hoping (if my hands allow) to just slowly paint one wall in the much needed wet room, I’m determined to take away that hospital look!

I know I’ll need to pace myself with unpacking, thankfully the removal guys will put everything in the right room, so I can just work through the boxes at my leisure.  I also know I have friends I can call on for help, they have come through so amazingly for me this year, I’m incredibly fortunate. 

So, hopefully the next blog you see from me will be from my lovely old sofa in my very new home….. With these little munchkins demanding my attention  ☺



4 thoughts on “All change…. & cats!

  1. Oh, YAY!!!! I am so happy you finally got a move night and will be reunited with your feline family. Pets offer so much love and emotional support. I bet they will be just as happy to be with you as you are to be with them. Good luck this week as you prepare to move, hope your RA stays quiet enough to allow you to get everything done.

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  2. Oh those babies are so cute and will be very helpful as you try to unpack boxes that they think are toys, there only for their pleasure. Good luck in your new place, I hope you can finally settle and get some peace!

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