RA & I are in a relationship!

I realised I’d posted an oddly worded comment in a group yesterday, saying “I’ve been with RA for about ten months”.  I read it back and almost laughed, because it read like we were in a relationship.  Then it occurred to me that we very much are – and good or bad RA and I are together for keeps.

So I began to think about RA in relationship terms (yep, I couldn’t sleep, this is what my mind does at 3am!).  What would I normally look for or expect in a relationship and how does RA measure up? We’re ten months in, we know each other now, surely time to reflect? So here goes……

Comittment & loyalty – RA scores top marks here, it has waltzed into my life, swept me literally off my feet and promised to never leave.  Nothing I do or say will ever drive it away, good days and bad days it’s right here with me. In return I’m just as committed to kicking it’s butt.

Closeness – RA is with me, body & soul, it occupies my mind and my senses night and day, RA and I will never be alone again.

Support – I feel I should give RA full respect here as it has the best intentions. RA is the staunchest defender I have ever had, it patrols my body and repels all threats voraciously and with a fervour seldom seen. However RA loses marks here for being very, very stupid. It is unable to differentiate between friend and foe, and just throws tantrums randomly at will, causing irreparable damage.

Laughter – Oddly RA is quite good at generating this, RA totally gets that I have an ironic sense of humour, and just knew that I would see the funny side of getting liver damage from meds during the one time in my life I’m not drinking! It also appreciates that it is amusing to be stuck in a hotel bath for half an hour, or to slip on the wet shower tray.  Oh how we laugh, RA & I.

Honesty – It has to be said RA occasionally tricks but it never lies.  It let me know from the start the kind of pain it would be putting me through, and led me almost gently into the debilitating fatigue that is now such a big part of our life together.  Now and again it teases me by giving me a couple of low pain hours, or a short burst of energy, but it never lies and I know it will always come back to me.

Romance – this is probably RA’s weakest area. It’s doesn’t do socialising or meals out, hates travel, and dislikes long walks in the countryside or strolling on the beach.  It’s not fond of cooking or holding hands or writing long loving letters either.  However it does enjoy snuggling up with me at night just so I don’t forget for a moment it’s there.

Hmmmm.  Looking at it this way you’d think RA & I had an almost perfect relationship, which is very far from the case! Perhaps one day I’ll learn to accept RA’s ‘little quirks’, but in the meantime if someone spots a divorce (cure) do let me know!!



9 thoughts on “RA & I are in a relationship!

  1. Cute story Denise. Sadly when you take the cute out of the story it is so totally true. Those of us with RA can certainly relate. It’s stories like this that keep us moving on and knowing we aren’t alone in this disease. Thanks for making me smile today!

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