In Loving Memory… 

​Tracy Campbell Pierce 1978 – 2016


It’s hard to know what to say here. I wouldn’t pretend to know Tracy well, but she became an important part of my online RA family. What comes to mind when I think of her first and foremost is her innate kindness. This lovely lady had the heart of a lioness and the courage of a warrior. 
Despite and because of the impact of RA on her own life, she was a passionate advocate for us and I admired her drive and dedication in the face of this illness.

 The wonderful ‘RA Tray’ Facebook group, her beautiful jewellery, her art work and her poetry were all ways in which she not only portrayed her own strength, but encouraged others to be strong too. 

She created a beacon of light and a place of safety for so many in a dark place, and that’s why we all will miss her so much. She posted this photo a few weeks ago, I hope she’s aware that she achieved all of this and so much more. Because of her we will never give up. 

When I think of her I will always think of purple and blue butterflies,  Fly high and free Tracy 🕊️💙


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