Postural Hypotension

Well there’s rarely a dull day here at the moment, after lunch Tuesday with my lovely Dad I had nothing else on all week which is so welcome, my spoons were vanishing, need sleep!  Tuesday I also saw a locum GP, who was great, she listened, checked me over and we think we have a diagnosis – yes another one! 

I’d had odd very wobbly moments before, but last week they started happening every evening, sometimes twice, and I was getting quite worried. Felt like the inside of my head was spinning, usually lasting about two minutes or so. My biggest concern immediately was please don’t stop me driving, I’d be so stuck 😕

I, fortunately in a way, had one episode  Saturday evening while out with my friends, and they all said I immediately went white, not something I’d notice at home on my own. 

The doc is pretty sure it’s Postural Hypotension. Which basically means when I go from lying or sitting to standing my BP doesn’t catch up quickly enough, hence the dizziness. 

She’s asked me to take BP readings for a week am and pm, because my BP looked high in the surgery. This is a little worrying as I’m already on BP meds for Hypertension, ie high blood pressure and it looks like they may have stopped working? At least I’m being looked after. 

In the meantime I just need to take my time when getting up. Talk about feeling 90! 


6 thoughts on “Postural Hypotension

  1. I have the same issue. I fell and broke my ankle 10 weeks ago as a result of the issue. I have been removed from all BP meds, I have used those for years, and a few other medications. I will say the reduction in meds has helped. I hope the doctors find a good treatment for you as well.

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    1. Rick I didn’t realise that was behind your break, I’m sorry! I’m seeing a replacement GP on 18th, going to review everything with her and hopefully get back to moving slowly forward. I swear if I get one more diagnosis I’m quitting lol xx


      1. Interesting comment, Rick. I’ve been on BP meds for years, but as I transitioned into menopause (ick), my blood pressure has calmed down and I started feeling really dizzy while taking my usual does. Now I am on a much lower dose of BP meds and feel better. I know nothing about POTS, but could it be that your current BP meds don’t work well anymore and something else might? Good luck with this good luck with this.


      2. Really my Blood pressure has been good for years without BP meds. The standard treatment for long term T-1’s is low dose BP meds. It adds to the protection for kidneys that can be such a difficult part of diabetes. I think the side effect of the BP’s intensified over time. So at the end of the day being off the BP meds for a month my BP was still near normal, and that is when I was tested for and showed positive for Postural Hypotension. I see my cardiologist in a few weeks to see where we go from here.

        I sure hope yours is worked out sooner than later. I hate fainting for seemingly no reason.

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