Bioelectronics – my new favourite word! 

​I’d had a heads up from an RA group (thank you guys) that on an episode of the BBC’s Trust Me I’m A Doctor yesterday they were covering a ‘possible cure for RA’.  I was a little sceptical but hit the record button and have just watched it through. 

The discussion was looking at the as yet not widely tested Vagal Nerve Stimulator. The item was actually much more informative than I was expecting (call me cynical!), they opened by saying “RA & MS are serious autoimmune conditions”, which I loved because unfortunately RA is so often underplayed. 

I won’t go into the science, partly because I’d get confused and mainly because the wonderful BBC have posted it online word for word – the link can be found here

I’ve seen previous brief articles on this subject but I hadn’t realised the science has moved to the stage of being ready for large scale trials, which if initial results are borne out has fantastic potential. (Of 17 patients in the original trial two thirds have achieved clinical remission). 

Pending results of the next stage of trials this device could be available to patients in Europe in just four years time, and in five years for the US. Of course it can’t heal previous damage, but for those whom DMARDs and Biologics have failed, or who are suffering severe side effects and high infection risk, this is a real new hope. 

This is incredibly exciting, four years is really incredibly close. Although at present this device works on the TNF cells, there are hopes it will be adapted to act on others too.  Further research is ongoing to test what other diseases, such as MS, can also be controlled by these devices. 

Bioelectronics is my new favourite word. As always, fingers metaphorically crossed! 💙

As always opinions are mine, I’m not & never will offer medical advice.